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The ObitEditor includes a utility for renaming batches of files.

Renaming Photos and Files

From the ObitEditor 1st Steps Tab click on the "Rename Pictures" Button.

The following screen will display:

ovs-rename-file-utility (37K)

  • Select the file filter *.jpg, *.gif, *.bmp, etc...
  • Select the Drive and Folders containing the files to rename.
  • Select some files or all files
  • (Optional) Click on "Show Names" to see what the renamed files will look like.
  • Click on "Rename Files" to Rename Files


We suggest naming files in sequential order so that the ObitEditor Previous and next features work easily for you.
  • DailyNews-19280131-0001-0001.jpg
    (Represents Source: Daily News ; Date Jan 31, 1928; Picture Set 1; -0001 Picture 1)
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