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CemToBOOK Version 1

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Help - Using the Software

Open Database

Click on the Database "Select File" button (outlined in orange) to select a database.

Selection & Sorting TAB

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Larger screen shot

Fields (Outlined in red)

Place a check mark next to each field to be displayed on the index page.


Select ALL to choose every record in the database. The normal setting is outlined in yellow. Select OTHER to create books using other criteria. More help.


Sort alphabetically, by location of grave, or no sort. The recommended setting is "By Location". The normal setting is outlined in blue.

Pages TAB

There are no settings on this page in version 1.1.0001. Future versions will create "Title" and "Forward" pages

Headers & Footers TAB

Include headers and footers on all pages.


Enter the header TEXT in this box. This will be displayed at the top of the page.


Enter the header TEXT in this box. This will be displayed at the bottom of the page.


Click on the "Make BOOK" button (outlined in green) once you have finished and CemToBOOK will begin making your transcription book.
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